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Adult Braces

Moving teeth into alignment or orthodontic treatment is no longer just the domain of the teenager. Many adults, who perhaps missed out on orthodontic treatment when they were younger, are now choosing to have their teeth straightened. Treatment times are similar to children’s and can even be quicker as adults tend to be more compliant with their treatment.


Our clear aligner choices are very popular, such as Invisalign, but sometimes a more traditional approach is required utilising fixed braces using brackets and wires attached to your teeth. The brackets and wires can be metal or tooth coloured, all our brackets and wires being of the highest quality, 3M Unitek.


Brackets and wires are fixed to teeth and we will see you regularly to adjust the braces, every 6-8 weeks. At these appointments we check your progress then maybe change the wire, add in some elastics and so on.


At the end of treatment we remove all the brackets and any of the adhesive left on your teeth after the brackets are removed. We will then clean your teeth of all this debris. You may then like to follow up your treatment with a Tooth Whitening treatment?

Fixed Brace Treatment Journey

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our experienced orthodontists answer your frequently asked questions about Adult Braces

Are adult braces painful?

When braces are first fitted they can feel very uncomfortable, the brackets can cause some soreness of the lip that overlies them. We therefore recommend having a ready supply of our special soft wax to place over the bracket for the first few days. Each time you visit for adjustment you will again feel some tightness but this soon eases off and you adapt very quickly.

How long does treatment take?

Treatment times vary according to the tooth movements we are trying to produce but often when a case is more complicated it will progress quicker than an Invisalign case, so anywhere between a few weeks to a year or longer.

How much do adult braces cost?

For a full breakdown of our fees please click here.

Will I need to wear a retainer?

Yes, even after the shortest treatment times teeth can be prone to relapse, the only way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to wear retainers.

Where can I get more information?

You can find out more about this treatment and other treatments on the British Orthodontics Society Website.

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