Enlighten Teeth whitening in Basingstoke Hampshire

Teeth Whitening

Many of our patients choose to add in a course of Tooth Whitening at the completion of their tooth straightening, orthodontic treatment.


At Basingstoke Orthodontics we use a Home Whitening kit provided by Whitewash which uses a 10% carbamide peroxide gel to gently and safely gradually whiten your teeth.


At the completion of your treatment we are able to scan your teeth using our Itero scanner, no messy impressions and from these scans we can not only construct your retainers but also construct whitening trays.


We will show you how to use the whitening gel and place some in the whitening trays before applying the trays for a few hours treatment each day or perhaps whilst you sleep.


The gel releases a very mild hydrogen peroxide which gently, safely and reliably whitens your teeth. The initial course of whitening usually takes 10-14 days to achieve the brightness you desire and then the trays can be used occasionally for top ups, say, every few months.

Enlighten Tooth Whitening

Guaranteed B1 Shade

We offer the Enlighten teeth whitening system, widely acknowledged as the world gold standard for teeth whitening. With Enlighten, we can guarantee all of our patients a brilliant Vita B1 shade after a successful treatment.


The Enlighten Evolution Whitening system comprises of two parts: a 2 week home treatment followed by a 1 hour visit to the dentist. It works by increasing the tooth‘s permeability to oxygen which breaks down stain molecules.


After you receive your tooth whitening trays you should wear them to bed for 14 nights. Then on the 15th day you will be booked in see your dentist for the second treatment, which takes 40 minutes and completes the whitening process.

Enlighten teeth whitening at Basingstoke Orthodontics in Hampshire

Frequently Asked Questions

Our experienced orthodontists answer your frequently asked questions about Teeth Whitening

Is teeth whitening painful?

For some people, teeth whitening can leave them with some temporary sensitivity, however, with the Whitewash system this is reduced as much as possible. If sensitivity is a problem then we can advise desensitising pastes for use before or after a treatment. It is sometimes useful to alternate between upper teeth and lower teeth treatment each day too. Our team will help guide you.

How long does treatment take?

Most people will attain the level of whiteness they want within 10 to 14 days. Sometimes it is quicker and sometimes it takes longer.

How much does teeth whitening cost?

Our teeth whitening treatment using Whitewash 10% carbamide peroxide is £300. This price includes custom made trays for your teeth and four tubes of whitening gel. Afterwards if you require a top up you can buy the gels directly from reception.

What needs to be done when treatment is over?

Once your initial tooth whitening treatment is complete it is important to keep your trays somewhere safe and clean so they can be used again for a whitening top-up. You may not require any further top up but many may have a single over night top up before a special event for instance. That is usually enough to keep the teeth looking beautiful.

Where can I find more information?

You can find out more about this treatment and other treatments on the British Orthodontics Society Website.

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