Before Fixed Brace Treatment

Initial Consultation

Appointment with Dr Richardson to see if you are an eligible candidate for brace treatment. At this appointment we will take a 3D digital scan, photographs and x-rays. Dr Richardson will discuss treatment options. Following this our treatment coordinator, Alice will be in contact to discuss our Payment options and answer any questions you may have.

Fit braces

Your braces will be fitted by one of our orthodontic therapists. They work under the prescription of Dr Richardson as an extra pair of hands. They will show you how to look after your brace at this appointment

During Fixed Brace Treatment

Adjustments are done every 8-12 weeks. Your treatment will be over seen by Dr Richardson and progression photos will be taken at your appointments to monitor this

End of Fixed Brace Treatment

Your braces will be removed and your retainers will be fitted.

Finishing touches

You may decide you would like to do some whitening which we can be discussed at this appointment.


Your teeth will always want to move back into its original position. You will get removable plastic retainers to wear long term to keep the teeth in alignment. Fixed retainers can be used as an additional form of retention. Fixed retainers are glued to the back surface of the front teeth. You are still required to wear your removable retainers.

Retainer review

Dr Richardson will see you 6 months post treatment to review your retainers.

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