basingstoke dental practice covid update

Life in Lockdown

Life here at Basingstoke Orthodontics, as for so many others around the world, was anything but normal during the global pandemic. As always, our patients care was at the heart of it all; answering your calls, adjusting your braces, crafting treatment plans whilst fighting to keep our doors open and ensuring the safety of all.

Our own, personal lockdowns were slightly different…

We kept ourselves occupied in what little ways we could. Some of us turned towards our crafts, ordering an obscene amount of supplies from crafting shops till we were inundated with our little treasures. Parcels arriving frequently enough for us to befriend our delivery drivers, smiling like cats as we waved to them safely from behind closed windows and well-worn doorsteps.

Some of us threw ourselves into our reading, immersing ourselves in fictitious worlds of fantasy and magic. Choosing anything to read but dystopian or political thrillers… Books stacked by our beds, fuelling our dreams.

We enjoyed honing new skills, like cooking. Baking as though we were on the Great British Bake Off and wanted to make our mothers proud. Cakes, curries and messes were joyfully made.

One of us fell in love and nearly all of us bought jigsaw puzzles like it was 1991 and Netflix was yet to be invented.

Our lockdowns have been varied. Playing a multitude of roles, from parent to teacher, NHS worker, to writer and reader to fitness fanatic and Mary Berry impersonator. And all the other parts in between. We clapped on our doorsteps for our keyworkers, those doorsteps…which began to feel more and more like islands, making our neighbours look further away than ever before. We cheered for our NHS in March and now, we are faced with Christmas and looking ahead to a New Year.

It has been an odd year, one full of face masks, hand gel and toilet roll.

So, from us here at Basingstoke Orthodontics, here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May your stockings be full to the brim with orthodontic wax and toothpaste. And for those of you who celebrate a different occasion or none at all, here’s hoping your New Year will prove to be happier and more abundant than any other that came before it.

Love from the whole team at Basingstoke Orthodontics. xxx