basingstoke orthodontist refurbishment

You may have noticed the skip on the drive!

You may have noticed the skip on the drive! What’s going on at 309 Kempshott Lane right now? Those of you who have visited the practice recently will have noticed that we are undergoing some building work and may be asking why and what on earth we are up to?

When I bought the practice in 2015, it was a one surgery practice which had been operating for 18 years, established by Dr Roland Smith. We now have some of his patients coming back as parents of our current patients – time moves on quickly. The practice was a traditional orthodontic practice with a reputation for providing a good service to its patients. Businesses need to grow and evolve and over the last 6 years we have certainly evolved in the way we deliver care to our patients.

How and why have we done this? The size of Basingstoke is increasing rapidly and we have more families needing orthodontic treatment. You only need to drive out towards the M3 to see the extensive construction work going on and I can’t even begin to imagine how many houses are going on to that piece of land. The size of our NHS contract tripled in 2019 and we are growing to meet the needs of our local families and the service the NHS commissions us to deliver. We offer a wide range of private treatments as well that give our teens and parents a greater degree of choice.

The Orthodontic Team – at the practice we have a team approach to delivering yours and your child’s care. At the centre of the team is our admin gang who work tirelessly to ensure that your calls are answered, queries dealt with, appointments booked and NHS contract delivered to the highest standard. Listening to our patients and parents is at the heart of everything we do. The clinical team is made up of the orthodontists, orthodontic therapists, dental nurses and the newest member of the team, a dental hygienist.

So how does this link into the building work going on right now? We are adding a third surgery to the practice and increasing the admin space available for the team, enabling them to have the capacity to meet the needs of our patients, both private and NHS. We have two orthodontic therapists who work to the prescription of the orthodontist – essentially, they are our extra pairs of hands to give us more scope to offer you the appointments you want to fit in with your busy lives and the school timetable. Prevention of dental disease is at the heart of our being and welcoming Eleanor, our hygienist, to the team will help us to deliver that to our patients. More on that in next month’s blog!

In the next few months the front of the practice will change as we remodel to give space for our admin team and treatment coordinator to deliver their part. Exciting times at the practice and we know that this remodelling and evolution will enable us to deliver an even higher standard of care to you. Please ask any member of staff if you have any questions about the practice. We look forward to the next chapter and continuing to care for the families of Basingstoke and the surrounding area.

orthodontist basingstoke refurbishment