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The Teeth Whitening Diet

An apple a day keeps gum bacteria at bay. Their crisp texture and high water content increases saliva, washing away harmful bacteria that creates plaque and leads to discoloration over time. Its crunchiness, much like carrots, serves as a natural toothbrush. The malic acid, which is found in most teeth whitening products such as toothpaste, can also be found in apples, acting as a natural teeth whitening agent.


Cheese is rich in protein, calcium, and phosphorus, all of which can help buffer the acids in your mouth. Calcium and phosphorus also assist in the re-mineralisation or repairing of your teeth. If you eat hard cheeses, they can provide you with a natural tooth scrub, so go ahead and indulge yourself! Enjoy reduced fat cheese to minimise heart-unhealthy saturated fat in your diet.


Despite its bright red color, the chief component of strawberries – malic acid is a natural emulsifier that helps remove surface stains and plaque. Also, strawberries encourage saliva production. Strawberries might stain your shirt, but you should try mashing them up and rubbing them on your teeth. After five minutes, rinse it with water and you’ll see the difference after a couple of tries!

basingstoke teeth whitening

Nuts such as almonds, cashews, walnuts, and sesame seeds stimulates saliva which can help wash away bacteria. They act like a scrub brush on your teeth, removing plaque and stains. Because of their protein content, nuts protect our teeth and keep them strong.

Raw Vegetables

Raw vegetables acts like a toothbrush during meals. Vegetables that are high in fibre such as broccoli are good for keeping down inflammation of the gums. Because raw vegetables are difficult to chew, they increase saliva production and polishes teeth for a natural surface clean.

Onion and Garlic

Onions do not work well for your breath, but they contain antibacterial sulfur compounds that prevent plaque from forming on your teeth. And their lingering flavor helps whiten teeth in an indirect way: You’re more likely to brush your teeth after eating them. You should consume raw onion to reap the anti-plaque benefit, so include them on sandwiches and in salads whenever you can. Garlic also contains these sulfur compounds.

Citrus Fruits

Citrus fruits like grapefruits, lime, lemon and oranges help rinse your teeth naturally as you eat. Their tart taste enhances saliva production for a natural rinse and polish. The acids found in citrus fruits are effective teeth whiteners.


Pineapples can help whiten teeth. Pineapple is the only food that contains bromelain, which acts as a naturally stain remover and holds anti-inflammatory properties. Bromelain also helps break up plaque, the sticky film of bacteria that accumulates on your teeth.

Sugar-free chewing gum

Chewing sugarless gums acts as remover of food and dead cells from teeth, gums and tongue. Not just that, it promotes production of saliva.

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